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As you all are aware these are trying and confusing times for everyone. With the current undulating parameters for gatherings I am sure you all have been wondering what will happen with our much-anticipated conference for this year. Your presidency is excited to announce that we will be converting to a virtual platform to best ensure attendees safety and conference success.

Registration for the virtual conference is live.  The conference will start September 26th.  This year, as a way of giving back the the vascular community who has been so loyal to the organization throughout the years, NWVT will be offering this virtual conference for free.  NO registration fee, at all, for 11.5 CMEs.  More details about the format of the virtual conference will be announced as they are known.

Here is the Conference Program, approved for 11.5 CMEs.

Sean Gregory- “Leadership Learnings Through and After COVID-19”

Dr. Greg Moneta- “Interpretation and implications of tibial artery PSVs”

Rachel Kendoll- “Gen Z: They’re Here………Now What?!?”

Dylan Merker- “Advanced approach to TCAR imaging with ultrasound”

Dr. Greg Moneta- “Implications of, and Improving Follow-Up of Incomplete Lower Extremity Venous Duplex Ultrasounds Examinations

Bonnie Brown- “Temporal Arteritis – Internal Correlative Review”

Natalie Zimmerman- “Hemodialysis: complex case studies”

Brian Sapp- “Expansion of the VCSS to capture abdominal venous pelvic pathology

Brian Sapp- “Considerations for improving diagnostic accuracy when performing iliac vein Duplex”

Molly Baxter- “Vascular malformations and their treatment”

Michelle Sentman- “Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome: Ulnar Artery


Dr Wayne Nelson- “TCAR TransCarotid Artery Revascularization: The clinically proven, less invasive way to protect against stroke ”

Sara Skjonsberg- “Lower extremity venous reflux… more than meets the eye”

Dr. Mary Costantino- “Utility of preoperative Duplex ultrasound to improve operative success with CLTI patient”

Jill Sommerset- “Case based learning in complex CLTI patients applying concepts of PAT”

Krislynn Barnhart- ” The Neurovascular Specialist Examination: What to expect”

Jodi Wise- “A review of popliteal entrapment syndrome”

Dr. Desarom Teso- “The value in AVF Duplex to pre plan for complex AVF intervention”

Dr. Christopher Rubano- “Leading minds and following pathology of the complex venous reflux patient, itemizing the essentials to be


Dr. Beejay Feliciano- “The value in pre-dialysis mapping and pre-operative planning in AFV patients”

Jill Sommerset- “Advanced arterial Duplex in CLTI patients”

Leni Karr- “When and why we implement TCD to supplement the carotid evaluation”

Steve Knight-“The Recent Consensus Statement on Doppler Waveforms: What it is and what it isn’t.”

Dr. Alejandro Perez- “Vascular testing; what referring providers are really asking for”

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